mistero buffo


Maintaining his comic, visual storytelling, Ramesh Meyyappan presents a highly visual adaptation of Dario Fo’s history of the Comic Mysteries.   

The drunkard seen throughout this adaptation is the common man who is judged by a self-righteous angel for purely wanting to enjoy life. The drunk himself believes that if man was put on earth by a higher power, then the higher power would have wanted man to enjoy life.

The drunk sees gluttony and greed in the upper classes, is exploited by his own boss and tortured by a power crazy pope.  As in Fo’s play, Christ appears in this adaptation – not as a God like Symbol, but a positive life affirming symbol who cares for and assists the drunk in his times of need.



“A beautiful and sensitive version of Dario Fo’s Mistero Buffo…”
[Sunday Times UK] 

“funny, warm and intelligent example of the potential of visual storytelling.”
[Culture Wars UK]

“Ramesh’s brand of physical theatre is refreshingly eclectic, one that not only borrows from the gags of silent movies, but updates the acrobatic agility of the lazzi in Commedia dell’arte.”
[Arts Magazine, Singapore] 

“It leaves one wondering why Fo needed words in the first place.”
[Noises Off UK]

“An extraordinary physical performer, with control, versatility and charm”
[Noises Off UK]

‘One man, one body, one remarkably expressive face and a viola!’
[ThreeWeeks , Scotland]

“a craftsman with impeccable comic timing and a charisma that allows him to fill the stage as well as wrap himself around you like an old friend.”
[Flying Inkpot, Singapore]



Directed & Performed by Ramesh Meyyappan
Lighting Designer – Justin Breman
Sound Design – Paul Skinner